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1 x 2 Hours
21 x 1/2 Hours
John Thaw
Distributed For
Kavanagh QC

KAVANAGH QC is a powerful drama series in which John Thaw (Inspector Morse) dons the silks of barrister James Kavanagh QC, one of the most respected criminal advocates in London. Kavanagh has earned the respect and admiration of colleagues and opponents alike, as well as a lifestyle to accompany his high salary, but his dedication to work, the long hours and difficult cases, have taken their toll on life at home with his wife and two teenage children.

Kavanagh’s success in court is due to his rapier-like cross-examination technique. His ability to act for the prosecution in some cases and the defense in others is demonstrated as Kavanagh acts for those others would not normally defend: a man accused of rape, a pornography star, a bitter family man, a vigilante, and a prostitute accused of murder.

Despite his success, Kavanagh does not always have an easy time in court or in chambers. His sympathy for minority causes, and his willingness to take on worthy cases for minimal reward, does not always go down well with his peers.

This series goes beyond traditional courtroom dramas to uncover the pressures of legal battles and the problems of defining the truth. In doing so, KAVANAGH QC provides a compelling representation of the euphoric ups and downs of success and failure in the Law.

Drama Specials

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Drama Series

Murder Investiation Team
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Animated Classics
29 animated specials of classic literature is something that the entire family can enjoy. Titles include: A Christmas Carol, Moby Dick, Les Miserables, and The Phantom of The Opera.
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