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New York, 1 February 2005 – A group of 76 fans from five countries around the globe, with the majority coming from across the US, will travel thousands of miles to attend the tapings for the two special episodes of this international favorite British television situation comedy As Time Goes By on February 5 and 15, 2005..

“This is not an unusual situation for the fan base of this program,” explained Don Taffner, Jr., Vice President of DLT Entertainment which, together with its sister company, The Theatre of Comedy, has been commissioned by the BBC to produce the two 45-minute specials. “This has become a ritual for As Time Goes By fans to cross the Atlantic at their own expense just to see the tapings and catch a glimpse of their favorite stars - truly a unique tradition adapted over the years by the fans of this show,” Taffner continued.

The visit was organized through the show’s fan website www.atgbcentral.com. The series is one of U.S. Public Television’s most popular attractions. Taffner is negotiating deals to air the two specials on U.S. television. The new shows will be written by Bob Larbey who has written all of the previous nine series. Syd Lotterby will produce and direct as he has so performed since the series originated in 1992. Dame Judi Dench and her long-time co-star, Geoffrey Palmer, will return as well.

“The reason for the strong fan interest is that Series Nine, which aired in the U.S. last year was thought to be the closing chapter in the lives of Jean Pargetter and Lionel Hardcastle,” said Taffner. “Fans of the show are intrigued to find out what has happened to the Hardcastles and their extended family in the three years since the last series was produced. We promise there will be some surprises!!!”

Throughout its previous nine series, As Time Goes By has always been a highly rated program with an above normal audience appreciation index and often is one of the top rated entertainment programs of the week on public television stations.

"It is a privilege to once again work with Dame Judi Dench and Geoffrey Palmer, two of the UK's leading actors,” said Taffner. “The fans are in for a treat."

For further information, please contact Henri Bollinger: 818-784-0534.

Notes to Editors:
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