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A Moving House Adventure

They are everywhere, on back roads, in the cities, countless deserted old homes - many classic historical gems. You discover the right one, prep it, document its entire interior and then use specialists, heavy lift cranes and convoys of trucks to uproot the house and move it down miles of highways to a more desirable location. It's an awesome, dangerous, dramatic task because there's always the lingering, dreaded doubt if this can, in fact, be done. The logistics are mind boggling, the weather's threatening, there's a shortage of time but, more than anything, one thought is paramount - can the little, classic seafarer's cape house that had been chosen withstand the trauma of a drastic move?

The house is nearly lost but persistence pays off. In a spectacular feat the old home is lifted 20 feet into the air and, like a feather in the breeze, it's lowered onto its new roots. It was established that the house was built at least one hundred years ago, but as it gives up its secrets during restoration it reveals it's at least 205 years old. With a flow of unbelievable visuals, the seafarer's cape slowly lets us in on its magical mysteries - was it built in Massachusetts and sailed north on a barge? Was it originally part of a British fort? Was it constructed by Loyalists from America? While historians ponder the ghostly clues, the humble dwelling is brought back to life and becomes a beautiful thing. After 91 days the move and restoration is completed and the once derelict cape has become truly a gem! It's the total recycling of a classic, historical house, a dream home from the past.

The program is host guided, and the approach is that this could take place anywhere. First part of the show deals with discovery, architectural history, preparation and actual move of the house. The second part of the program deals with the "hows and whys" of the demolition and restoration and reveals the rich, mystical history that the old house embodies.

Drama Specials

Dick Francis Mysteries
Horses run hot and murder runs cold, but Jockey Club investigator David Cleveland Ian McShane) always keeps his cool.
A father struggles to overcome the grief of losing his beloved wife and raise their daughter alone. A coming-of-age journey, You is filled with the magic of life and love and family.

Drama Series

Studio One
A series of one-act specials is the pinnacle example of the Golden Era of Television, launching the careers of many famous actors such as Charlton Heston and Warren Warren Beatty.
Love On A Branchline
Leslie Phillips and Michael Maloney star in this BBC adaptation of John Hadfield's 1959 comic novel.


Animated Classics
29 animated specials of classic literature is something that the entire family can enjoy. Titles include: A Christmas Carol, Moby Dick, Les Miserables, and The Phantom of The Opera.
The Story Of Christmas Toys
The fun and wonderment of Christmas comes alive through Mel Torme’s narration of this half-hour animated special.

Factual Series

Ultimate Restorations
Audiences will watch history being reborn and learn the secrets of how the restorations are done. The projects are jaw-dropping in their scope; the restorers are heartfelt in their passion.
The Other Hollywood
Kenneth Branagh narrates this survey of Europe's silent era. Episodes focus on the distinct development of specific countries--Sweden, Germany, France, and Britain.


Dara O Briain’s Go 8 Bit
Part comedy panel show, part physical game show and wholly competitive, each week Dara and guests six-part comedy series celebrate the world of video games.
This fast-paced word association format allows the audience at home to join in the fun as contestants race against the clock to figure out the hidden key topic and win the prize.